Any other users creating canoe route maps?

09-27-2021 07:17 AM
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Hello- I am interested in using ArcGis Pro to make maps for canoe trips through Canada.  Are there others doing this, or any articles on the topic?

I loved this one, but it is not exactly what I am looking to do:  

Make a River Map (

I would like to include some lake names, campsites, rapids, portages, and perhaps blow-ups of certain sections.

Thank You,

Alex Ernst

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That sounds like a pretty cool project!

While I don't know of anyone working on this kind of thing specifically, you could check out OpenStreetMap. You can specifically query out any campsites, water faetures, and canoe portages that happen to have been added to the map.

Canadian OSM users are working through an import of CANVEC, which is bringing in a good number of water features and campsites. Canoe routes, however, are still lacking, but an interested user could easily add these themselves.

- Josh Carlson
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Thank you for the info.  I have not worked with the Open Street Map in this way, and will see what I can figure out.

-Alex Ernst

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