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Animation removing Living Atlas layer at the International Dateline

01-03-2022 12:12 PM
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I am creating a time-enabled animated map of Fiji using a hillshade layer from the Living Atlas. While it renders fine in Desktop, when I export the animation the hillshade stops at the Dateline. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix it?

Here's the area in Desktop:

and a screenshot from the animation: 


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Hello Kellee,

I have never attempted to do this myself, but I found a related thread that covers best practices for clipping or extracting data from the living atlas.  Hope this helps! 

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Thanks Amanda, I was hoping to just use the Living Atlas layer without exporting a subset, but after reading the thread I'm trying that approach. One thing I'm noticing is that this hillshade appears to have that dateline relic issue beginning at a certain zoom level--when zoomed in the tiles seem to be fine. So the only solution I'm currently seeing is to export the zoomed-in extent for that island which crosses the dateline, and overlay it on the full extent at the appropriate resolution (that cuts off at the dateline). It's fine, especially because it's such a small area and not the theme of my map, but not the look I was hoping to achieve.

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