Align Subsurface Multipatch to Terrain

08-24-2018 01:30 PM
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Is there a workflow that could allow for me to align an extruded polygon feature class with a 3D elevation layer (ESRI Terrain 3D)? I am trying to use a multipatch to model subsurface characteristics, though the multipatch does not align with the surface. Is there a way to mask out portions of the multipatch that are above ground level or force the surface of the multipatch to align with the terrain service? The subsurface portions of the multipatch work great. 

The multipatch was created by extruding the features to a depth from surface field in ArcPro (relative to ground). The extruded layer was then converted to a multipatch via the Layer 3D to Feature Class tool. The screenshots below are the subsequent service layers in a WAB (dev edition) application. Unfortunately, the resolution of the data the multipatch is based off of is quite coarse at ~8km. Maybe this is the ultimate source of the issue.

2D feature class service draped over terrain (this is the behavior I am looking for in the multipatch):

Subsurface 3D multipatch service protruding through surface and draped 2D service:

Subsurface 3D multipatch protruding through elevation service (2D service layer turned off):

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