AGO Tile Layer/Map Service "Failed to add data:"

11-19-2020 09:50 AM
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I have been experimenting with the REST endpoint for AGO and was trying to use the URL as a remote ArcGIS server connection in Pro. It connects and displays all my expected services/layers. I can add Feature Service layers to my maps and they behave as expected.  However, adding a Map Service layer, I am greeted by a vague error message "Failed to add data:"

If I add the Map Service from the Portal, it load successfully.

I can load the Map Service using QGIS.

Am I abusing the REST API or is there another issue? Any suggestions?

Are more useful error messages coming down the pipeline for Pro? My BIGGEST complaint about the ESRI ecosystem is incredible opaque error messages. I have made sure Pro is up-to-date, reinstalled it, tried it logged into the portal, not logged in, changed networks, changed computers. I just don't know if it permissions, missing DLL, network error, etc because the only thing I have to work with is "Failed to add data:".

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