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After exporting a layout to PDF and opening, in Adobe Pro Resize window to initial view is checked

08-15-2023 09:15 AM
New Contributor

I am having an issue where after I export a layout to PDF, and then open that in Adobe Pro. The window for Adobe resizes, every time. 

My problem is that something happens, when exporting the PDF, that sets initial page view in Adobe. This option only gets checked in ArcPro layout Exports, and not ArcMap. It doesn't happen with any other programs (word, excel, etc). 

It will resize the Adobe window every time it's clicked. I work with a lot of different documents, and it is very frustrating to be working through a PDF portfolio, and click an ArcPro Layout PDF and have the window resize. I know how to manually turn that option off in Adobe.  

My questions is, Is there a way to have this not be checked when exporting a layout to PDF in ArcPro (either by a setting or some sort of code/macro).

I feel like this is a very specific issue, so any help would be great! 

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