Adding 2D information to a 3D dataset in ArcGIS Pro

10-18-2021 02:14 AM
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I am working in a local scene (ArcGIS Pro) whereby I have a 3D dataset that shows buildings within a city. This dataset has no further information (i.e. no attribute table) and all the 3D buildings have the same color (white).

However, I would like to assign information to the 3D dataset so that the buildings can be visualized in different colors, based on the type of function the building has (e.g. hospital, school, etc.).

In the picture below, I want to assign 2D data, that informs about the type of function the building has, to the 3D representation of the building. The blue polygon in the picture represents a school. As a result, the 3D building should be visualized as a blue building, representing the corresponding function (school).

How can you assign 2D data/shapefiles to 3D datasets in ArcGIS Pro?




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