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Add join (one-to-many) in model builder

03-29-2023 09:06 AM
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ArcGIS Pro is great when manually adding a one-to-many join: it duplicates the records which can then be exported to a new feature class. However, I just added "Add join" to my model, followed by Export features, and it does not work. This is the part of the model:



Looking at the intermediate data, Summarize Within works fine but there is no join and the exported feature class only shows Null values apart from ObjectID and Shape fields. 

I have double-checked the "Add join" parameters and see nothing wrong there, so I just wanted to hear from others - have you successfully incorporated "Add join" with a one-to-many join in the model builder? Is this supposed to work? Is this a known bug?

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Have you tried forcing the preconditions?

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