Accessing GDB migrated to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap

05-02-2023 08:09 AM
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We have multiple Enterprise GDBs, all being edited in ArcMap.  We are looking at moving our Gas GDB from Geometric Network to Trace Network (UN is not an option now), or even just dropping network all together, to start editing in ArcGIS Pro.  However, we will have many in the organization that will still be using ArcMap for other GDBs and will still likely need to view Gas GDB.  Once you've moved your GDB to editing in ArcGIS Pro and setup your Pro attribute rules, can the GDB still be viewed/accessed by ArcMap users?  We use Geocortex for a citywide map viewer, so I figure we will need to republish map services from Pro for that.  Just trying to understand if an organization can still have feet in both environments, since moving the entire City over to Pro (Water, Wastewater, Transportation, Gas, Electric, Engineering, Parks, etc, etc) at the same time does not seem feasible..

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Hi @PaulScipione - so with regard to working with a GDB and ArcGIS Pro behaviors such as attribute rules, this document will be helpful before you consider upgrading the feature class and/or feature dataset to support.

Geometric networks are a read-only dataset in ArcGIS Pro so you can view them but not edit/modify them.

Hope this helps!

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We have some users still on ArcMap and some on ArcGIS Pro and we use "Traditional" Versioning on some GDB feature classes (like tax lots and roads) that get edited by both apps at the same time. It's no problem.

Branch Versioning won't work with ArcMap. We're at the testing stage with that but won't migrate until our ArcMap users move to Pro.

Support for annotation is weird and changed. I've been trying to forget about that. It's used extensively by our (ArcMap using) cartographers.

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