3D animation with custom sun positions

03-16-2022 09:51 PM
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Basically I am trying to make a 3D animation showing how the lighting of the south pole of the Moon would change with time. I am using a 3D animation for artistic reasons. The moon barely has any axial tilt (0-1deg vs. 22-23 deg on Earth) so using animate by time is not likely to be practical (unless it can be easily modified but I can't find any information on that). So I had originally been hoping I could just manually set a different absolute solar-position for a couple of key frames. But when I change it, it appears to update all of my keyframes.

I either need a way to customize the solar position for given times (ie. March17th12pm = sun over 0,0... and so on) or designate an absolute solar position for each of my key frames.

I am still relatively new to ArcGIS (~<1 year experience), so maybe I just missed something obvious.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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