World Imagery metadata layers

12-02-2021 06:27 AM
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To query the metadata of the visible image at a certain scale in World Imagery basemap you need to use the Explore tool and click somewhere.

You get too many results in the pup-up window with the same name. When clicking on them, you can guess it returns the metadata of all imagery available at every scale at that point, but why? If I am just viewing only one of this layers?

In the video attached I am seeing the image of port of Beirut and click once on it, I get 17 results in the pop-up window ("Imágenes del mundo" = "Worl Imagery"), I know this is a sub-metric image but from the results obtained it is not sure if it is a World View-2 or WV-3. Also, the atribute table schema is not the same in all results.

The idea is to get only one result in the pop-up window or in case all results should be visible, to highlight more clearly which one is the one visible at that scale. And also to use the same attribute schema.

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@ElenaMazon does switching the Explore tool to Topmost Layer work for you?





It does! sorry about that, I had it set to Visible Layers understanding that the results must show the only image metadata I was visualizing. But I will change my mind about that.

Thank you so much @KoryKramer !

Status changed to: Already Offered

No problem.  I'll mark this one Already Offered.