When editing, prevent zoom when right clicking on features to access menus

02-01-2022 10:00 AM
Status: Open
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When editing, some functions live inside right-click menus that appear when you right click a vertex or line. However, it's very hard to actually get this menu to appear when you want it to - in my case, it usually results in some unintentional zooming, as right click is also used for zoom and it's very responsive to mouse motion. I'm wondering if it's possible to adjust the sensitivity of zooming when you're trying to right click on a feature. Perhaps if you're snapped to a line and about to right click, disable zooming? In the case of a real feature-dense area where you'd pretty much always be 'snapped,' it's not too hard to use the Z key.

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This is an accessibility issue where some folks have difficulty right-clicking without slight mouse movement or holding the button down a fraction of a second too long.  There should be a longer delay tolerance before the button is considered to be held down and a larger XY tolerance for the mouse to be considered moved.

If the tolerances can't be adjusted at least an option to turn off right-click zooming would help.