When deleting a feature, we are warned that it is part of a replica. Which replicas?

05-12-2015 04:34 PM
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When I delete an object from my enterprise geodatabase that is included in a replica or replicas, I am prompted that this feature is part of a replica. It would be helpful if the warning dialog listed which replicas the object is included in.
When ArcGIS queries the RDBMS, the name of the replica will be named similar to SYNC_SEND_#####_###.  The name you give to a replica is more of an 'alias' for your reference than for ArcGIS.  If the delete prompt were to return which replica the feature class is a part of, it may come back in the "SYNC_SEND" format.  At this point, depending on how your database is set up, and if you have multiple replicas, you may have several SYNC_SEND replica names that you cannot tell which replica is which.  

A best practice in the mean time would be to go into the Replia Manager and document every item and keep that updated.  

I am not trying to say that your idea is invalid, or that it cannot be done; just giving insight.0EME0000000HQRo
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