When deleting a feature, we are warned that it is part of a replica. Which replicas?

05-12-2015 04:34 PM
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When I delete an object from my enterprise geodatabase that is included in a replica or replicas, I am prompted that this feature is part of a replica. It would be helpful if the warning dialog listed which replicas the object is included in.
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When ArcGIS queries the RDBMS, the name of the replica will be named similar to SYNC_SEND_#####_###.  The name you give to a replica is more of an 'alias' for your reference than for ArcGIS.  If the delete prompt were to return which replica the feature class is a part of, it may come back in the "SYNC_SEND" format.  At this point, depending on how your database is set up, and if you have multiple replicas, you may have several SYNC_SEND replica names that you cannot tell which replica is which.  

A best practice in the mean time would be to go into the Replia Manager and document every item and keep that updated.  

I am not trying to say that your idea is invalid, or that it cannot be done; just giving insight.0EME0000000HQRo