When Creating a New Layout it would be Nice if we had the Option to Name it rather than it defaulting to "Layout"

07-16-2019 09:26 AM
Status: Open
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Ideally, there would be a drop-down containing the names of our maps or we'd be able to type in a new name, or chose that it default to the name "Layout".


When selecting New Map or New Layout from the Catalog Pane or Insert Map or Insert Layout from the Ribbon, pop-up a dialogue box, prepopulated with the current default (like Map 2) in an editable text-box. Hasty users can just click okay, more deliberate users that already have a purpose or reason to name a new map or layout can set the name to their desire. This save them need a trip to the Catalog Pane and renaming the item as a follow-up action.


Jan, I just wanted to make sure that you were aware the Map can be named from the Contents pane by slow-double-clicking to enable the rename.  This saves you from having to go to the Catalog pane and expand the Maps folder in order to do the rename.  Same behavior for a newly added Layout.


Nope, I was unware of that option. Quirky work-flow, but will try.