Visual Scale Range Control

04-29-2012 01:36 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Scale Range Slider in Layer Properties (General and Labels tabs).
Interactive scale range settings directly in Labels tab to easily identify if labeling is scale dependent and simply change these settings with slider.
Interactive scale range slider for each layer with scale depended visibility in Table Of Contents.
Scale Range Manager in Table Of Contents for managing both layer and label visibility with interactive snapping and current map scale. Possibility to copy scale range settings between layers.
Great concept.  In addition to copying from one layer to the other it would be good to lock the minimum of one layer to the maximum of another.  This would enable quick establishment of a smooth transition of features as scale changes.
Love the idea on the TOC.
This is a great idea!  I agree for each of your sample images.  Maybe have something like a Scale Manager, similar to the functionality of the Label Manager.
Looks like a great idea!
Can make life a lot easier when going through setting scales for every feature class in the map!