Vertical Appending of attributes between layers that are spatially congruent

11-12-2020 07:13 AM
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I have, let say layer name, A  and it has 20 attributes, and I also have layer name, B, which has 10 attributes. Spatially talking they are not in the the same position. It is not worthy of using spatial operation. I want to append attributes of B to A but with no spatial operation and there is no common unique value to run attribute join/ data join. The way  I want to work, is to use the select by location operation and pull the attributes and its associated data of layer B and append into the layer A and would like to preserve globalID.  Keep in mind that the layer A also has its related table. The spatial join did not work when I tried to use preserve global ID option. Simply spatial join without preserving globalID did not keep the globalID of original layer after spatial join. The layer A and Layer B has different set of feature records.


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