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Update Share Package Tool Documentation to Display "Not in Current Product Plan" Bugs

06-11-2021 10:03 AM
Status: Open
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It has been brought to my attention that a bug within ArcGIS Pro will not be addressed because it is "not in current product plan." For reference, see bug description and Esri's response below.

Esri BUG-000123133 - The Share Package tool fails with the error message, “ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Failed to execute (SharePackage)” when the user is a part of more than 53 groups in the ArcGIS Enterprise portal."

Public Explanation: Will not be addressed. Despite the error message, the process completes successfully. User may disregard the error or remove the user from any unneeded Portal groups until they are in fewer than 54.

It is disappointing that Esri's response to this error message is pretty much "technically, it still works so just disregard the error message." This error makes it significantly harder when scripting this tool in Python because the tool fails, causing the entire Python script to fail (without adding any exception handling).

Since it appears that this behavior is acceptable by Esri's standards, I propose that Esri update its Share Package tool documentation to show how and when it is "normal" for this tool to fail and any workarounds to get around this issue. Otherwise, you will have other users also encountering this issue and needing to know how to resolve it. I'm sure other users would be appreciative if this bug was documented in the tool documentation so they knew it was expected behavior, especially since a lot of the bugs aren't publicly searchable (to my knowledge).

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Hi Ryan,

BUG-000123133 is being reevaluated.

Thanks for your feedback!