Update COGO with Python in Pro

05-08-2020 12:36 PM
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It would be great to have the ability to call the Update COGO tool/method from Python in Pro.


Thanks for submitting Mike,

Could you please describe what type of COGO update you want?

If this is an update of a single COGO value on a line you can use an update cursor.

Or do you want to load lines as a traverse and distribute misclose? in that case wouldn't it be better to use the Least Squares Adjustment (available In ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and above)?


Hi Amir,

Our current workflow to import CAD data into the ArcMap parcel fabric is to first export the CAD linework to a feature class, add that to a blank ArcMap project, start editing to allow copying of the lines then paste the line work into the traverse dialog in a separate project with the editing fabric.  Our CAD data comes from our surveyors office in a local coordinate system so the copy-paste into the traverse dialog preserves/generates the correct bearings-distances.  My thought was to automate this process in Pro where I can create feature classes from the CAD linework, calculate the COGO values with python (in the local coordinate system) and preserve the correct bearings/distances for import into the Pro fabric.

I know that, in Pro, I can bring in the CAD linework, georeference it from it's local coordinate system, copy-lines-to them into the fabric, then update the COGO bearings and distances.  However, this will only preserve the correct bearings/distances if we are careful not to scale or rotate the linework in any way...only move them.

Is there a way to copy line work from CAD into a traverse dialog ala ArcMap Fabric? -- or some other better workflow?  




Looping Daniel Stone‌ & Jeff Reinhart‌ as this is timely.

Improving the CAD ingestion process to and out of parcels is one of our drivers, this includes digital submission.

What type of CAD client to the surveyors use? (AutoCAD, Civil3D, other?)

There is a tool called Update COGO - but as you know it does not have any COGO.

There is another geoprocessing tool called Calculate Geometry Attributes (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation but you can only use it to calculate distances and directions (no curve support yet). Do you have curves in your data?

Our goal is to improve the latter tool to support the calculation of curve parameters (radius, arclength, chord length...). 

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Our county surveyors office does courtesy reviews on all surveys before they are filed using MicroSurvey 2020.  There are instances of true curves in nearly every CAD data set provided by them.   The ideal workflow for us would be as I described before where we could just pull the CAD data in (from the local coordinate system) and somehow capture the COGO bearings/distances/curves as they sit locally...then bring the linework to the desired location and move/scale/manipulate it without losing the original measurements...then use the standard copy-lines-to Pro Fabric workflow to integrate it into the fabric.



Thanks for the input Mike.

It aligns with our thoughts regarding importing CAD drawings that are entered in a local coordinate system and preserving their original measurements. Thanks for confirming the need to calculate curve information.


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This is a duplicate of the following idea in the Parcel Fabric idea exchange. https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-parcel-fabric-ideas/update-cogo-with-python-in-pro/idi-p/930624