Tool to identify why a feature is not being labeled

05-01-2012 11:35 AM
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It would really be nice if there was a way to identify a feature that is not being labeled and get back the reason why. Possibly a list of the conflicts that the user has created with the rules that have been applied. My example is from 10.1 pre-release using the Maplex labeling engine.
There could be an option to show unplaced labels.


I am trying to find out why some of my labels are unplaced. Currently there are a number of unplaced labels. I have been troubleshooting - but there should be no reason why they are unplaced. I am wondering if there is a way to find out why they are unplaced - besides trying every option over and over. 

Currently using ArcGIS Pro 10.7.2



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When troubleshooting your labeling settings there are tools you can use

View unplaced labels - place the labels on map and visually see why they don't fit.  If a label isn't placed when this button is clicked, the label engine isn't trying to place it.  Look at the visibility range and the sql query on the label class to see why the label isn't being placed.

Label summary - identifies potential problems with labeling parameters