The field is too small to accept the amount of data...WHAT FIELD

06-09-2016 07:57 AM
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When using the data loader in ArcCatalog.  You spend the time to map out the fields to load into which field.

Then after setting it up to load you run it.  Only to get the error message

The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data.

The only help it gives you is to tell you which OID

OK WHAT FIELD is causing the error?

We need the Error Message window to be more descriptive and specific.


rborchert‌ What is the data type of the field?

I just tried with a text field (loading a 256 character string into a field with 255 length) and I get the following:

It gives me the row, but also indicates that the bad value is in the Name field. 

Granted, I am testing in 10.5 and I realize this was logged last year, but could you test your workflow in 10.5 and let me know what you're seeing?



I wrote that when using an older version. I have not tried data loader in 10.5 yet.