Tessellate by Mask instead of only Extent

05-07-2019 09:53 AM
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I rely heavily on tessellation to aggregate and summarize extremely dense point content.  Currently the only limiting environmental variable the GenerateTessellation_management() method uses is Extent.  This is inefficient as I demonstrate in the simplified graphic above.  In this case, I would spend loads of time building cells over an extent, the majority of which has no data, and that will be discarded later anyway.

I would like for the Generate Tessellation tool to support not only Extent, but Mask (vector polygon) to build cells.


Yes, please! I’m working with global data and tessellations only by a mask (polygon) is a Must!

For example, I’m trying to develop a 10,000 sq meter tessellation from the shoreline out 1 mile for all US States (Conus, AK, HI, Puerto Rico and Guam). The extent results in a tessellation where the size is 35 billion with a B features. When in reality I only need less and 1% the extent with this size grid. 

Help?! My computer is sitting at 0% complete in the progress bar now for over 1 hour. 

@EricEagle , any luck since your post a couple years ago?


Hi Doug,

Unfortunately, no.  I haven't heard anything from Esri on it.  Probably what I should do is send this up via my Esri customer rep and get it put in as an enhancement request.  I seem to have better luck that way.  It is unclear how Esri harvests and approves ideas from these boards.  Sometimes I'll see an idea with 2 votes "under review" and sometimes even implemented, while other ideas with dozens of votes go completely unaddressed.


@EricEagle Re: "It is unclear how Esri harvests and approves ideas from these boards."

See https://community.esri.com/t5/community-help-documents/frequently-asked-questions-about-arcgis-ideas...