Temporarily save the .mxd Project with the same file name.

12-21-2015 08:39 AM
Status: Open
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Fellows, i usually work with .mxd projects and from one or more procedures steps, the ArcGIS simply stop working and appear that advise "not answering" so i loose the project since the last time i saved it. And also, sometimes, really often, i am going to save the .mxd project and appear an advise saying that i can not save that project with the same filename that it is and i have to create another filename dor the .mxd, so i have a lots of files (.mxd) with different names and small differences. What i would like arcGIS to have is the possibility of choose a periodicy of saving the .mdx projects automatically and also to save this files (.mxd) with the same name it is the actual filename! I appreciate if i can don´t loose my projects and to don´t have so many almost equal files with different names! Thank you!!! Marcos CS.
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