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07-02-2021 06:25 AM
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When selecting by attributes in a table view retain the most recent query's in a list in the blank space below the Invert Where Clause check box.  Similar to the Tools geoprocessing Recent section.  And, when retain last used query when the select by attributes tool is opened again.  Making a selection using this tool, then close the tool, upon reopening to make a change in the query the query has to be started from scratch again.


This is an AWESOME idea.

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Thanks for submitting this idea @JakeKrall 

It is definitely related to

But since you refer specifically to Select by Attributes and asking for the most recent query, if I'm understanding correctly, you are asking for this:

Please confirm and if so, we'll merge the idea.


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From Jake:

"Yes, the same idea plus I want to keep a list of the most recent queries like Geoprocessing does.  Thank you sir."

Thanks for the response, Jake.  So you're saying that you want the last query to stay populated AND you also want a Recent list in the Select by Attributes dialog (which would essentially be the place where you would find an implementation of the remember querys to be most helpful to you.  Is that correct?

Please respond as a comment instead of email so we can keep the conversation on this thread.

Thank you!



@KoryKramer Yes, keep a list in the Select by Attributes dialog of most recent query's.  For long query statements, allow hovering with the mouse over each one in the list to show the entire query/sql statement.  Additionally, date/time of last run would help too.


Yes please. From a convenience and efficiency standpoint this would be so nice to have.

Status changed to: Already Offered

@JakeKrall We should have this one sort of implemented in 3.0.  We didn't always want previous queries to be added as some fields will be invalid in the new data.  The Floating window tools will check the project history for a match.  If there is a match, the queries done against the layer will be added.