Table Optimizer/Restructure Tool

12-03-2012 09:25 AM
Status: Closed
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It would be great if there was tool that would allow you to restructure and optimize an existing table/feature class.

Tool options:
  • Change Field Type & Field Properties
  • Change Field Name
  • Change Text Case
  • Add/Delete/Import fields
  • Optimize Utility checks for errors and makes suggestions on  more appropriate Field Type
  • Accept/Modify/Deny changes and export new table/feature class

I would also like to permanently move a field's location in the attribute table.  ET GeoWizards has a tool that does all of these.  In addition, I would like to have the tool be able to run in Model Builder.
Status changed to: Closed

This idea has been closed as a duplicate of the Data Management Idea linked below. Don't worry, you can still show your support by commenting and adding kudos to the open idea. Thanks for your contributions!

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