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10-23-2014 02:23 AM
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Currently in ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 (ArcMap) under the table of contents you can list by drawing order, source, visibility and selection.  I think it would be useful to be able to list by coordinate system.


From Display each Layer projection under the Table of Contents. :

It would be NICE if ESRI can add this toolbar "List by projection" for each layer rather than having to go into the Layers' Table Of Contents (TOC)  and then double click on the Layers to open the Data Frame Properties and then hit the Coordinate System tab menu.

This is inconvenience way to do this several steps to get there if you are agree with me ?




So how about adding the "List projection" for each layer toolbar on the TOC ? This way we all can take a look the quick way to check them ?


So you have the buttons on the Table of Contents here:


On the Table of Contents you have 5 different buttons.

List by Drawing Order

List by Source

List by Visibility

List by Selection


Add this to "List by Projection" ?


Here is the screenshot of what I am trying to display.



Spatial data comes in all sorts of coordinate systems and projections. If you load it in to ArcGIS Pro without re-projecting, it can all get a bit messy. But some of us are too busy to do that every time, and ArcGIS Pro just makes it easy to be lazy and re-project on the fly.

How handy would it be to list all the content by Spatial Reference, and see which datasets need re-projecting (or worse don't have a projection defined); without needing to go through each one's properties.