Symbology - changing the Value should NOT update the Label

05-23-2011 05:10 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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In Graduated Color or Graduated Symbol symbology, ArcMap allows you to set the Label to read whatever you want, rather than exactly what is shown in the Values column.

The problem is that the slightest change to ANY value in the Range column completely obliterates all of the other labels, potentially wasting a huge amount of time.

Eg, if I change the first Range value to be 250001 this is the result:

The logic should be that the Label is set to the Range when the Classification is first set (including on layer creation) but thereafter, any changes to the Label field are made by the user only, not automatically.

This drove me crazy with my senior geography project and representing signifigant population growth between 7 Censuses!
Would also be nice to be able to script against the label values (i.e. round([value],1)... or have some other way to round the values... I don't know anyone who wants 6 sig figs after the decimal place in their legend (no matter how "correct" it is)
Cameron, there's an easy fix for that already. Click on the Label heading and choose Format Labels, and choose 1 decimal place
I think we need to have an option to either have the Label update or not have it update. (Maybe a checkbox?)  I can think of times when I want all of the Labels to update when I change the range or classification.  Making the program never update the Labels area unless the user makes the change is not always practical.
Hellooooooooooo Esri. Please stop auto-updating my symbology labels. It's (still) driving me crazy

The thread says that this idea is under consideration.  Does anyone know how long this idea has been in this state?

If this idea is implemented, will it be done in both ArcMap and ArcPro.  Since the idea was created in 2011, it seems only fair that it should be implemented in ArcMap as well as ArcPro.


This is driving me bananas...maybe I am missing something, if so, please set the record straight! 

To start, I have a feature class that is symbolized using graduated colors, with labels I formatted to look good in the legend of my map. See left-hand side of the screenshot below)

I re-use this symbology often (using the very awesome "import symbology" function. When I use the same symbology with a different dataset,  I sometimes need to change the upper values...when I do so, Arc automatically changes ALL my labels.....see the labels in the right hand side of the screenshot....ALL the lables have changed! 😞

I'm really hoping this is easily fixable because it's REALLY annoying to have to reformat the labels for all the ranges.

Please ask me to explain further if need be. Sometimes its hard to describe an issue clearly.