Symbolize - Add all Values: option to base on domain or scan table

03-20-2014 12:55 PM
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When symbolizing by "Unique Values" in ArcMap, if a domain is present on the column the the values in the domain are added. If there is no domain the table is scanned for unique values in the data.
*If there is a domain but it is out of sync with the actual data only the domain values are added. The other values are listed as "all other values".

We have a large published geodatabase that is replicated from our edit GDB. Although we can repilcate data, syncing domains is much harder due to object locking in ArcSDE.

We have a large user base that occassionally catches that something is missing, at which point we either update the domain or drop it from the published GDB.

I think it would be useful to have a lilttle radiobutton on the Layer Properties - Symbology tab what would allow a user to specify something like "base on domain" or "scan table for values".

Just thinking out aloud here. A possible variation on this idea is that the original button stays (as adding more buttons to the already cramped interface isn't going to help) but ArcMap is intelligent enough to realise the field has a domain then offers up the option of domain or scan the table?

Came here to suggest something similar for Pro. You typically have advance knowledge of the data design for the features you'll eventually populate, and it often behooves you to get your symbology set up ahead of time. While you *could* create dummy data, make the symbology, and then delete it, why not just have an option to add the appropriate domain values for the symbolization fields? For example, both my CDBG Funds and Condition fields have different domains, but to get those into the symbology when they don't yet exist in my data, I have to manually re-type each individual domain value (with no typos and in the right order, too!). Everything is set to 'fair' condition right now, so I have those, but nothing else shows up when I go to add.



Would an 'Add from Domains' option from this menu work? I think that would get the job done.


Or an 'Add all domains' button on this bar.



Oh, and this idea seems similar if not the same:  Use Domains for symbology when available - Esri Community