symbol zoom within specific scale range

09-20-2012 01:31 PM
Status: Open
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I have a need for the ability to change the size of point symbols based on the map scale. One of ESRI's past products called BusinessMap had a similar functionality.

The problem is that on a small scale map of say 1:20,000,000, where there is little detail a small symbol may be visible and discernible from the background, but as one zooms in to a large scale say 1:1,000 the symbol can be lost in the clutter of the map.

I need a point symbol to increase in size as it is zoomed in/out on, but not like setting a ref. scale. I have 20 layers so if I was to set multiple layers with 4 different sizes of symbols that would come on at different scale ranges then I would have to manage 80 layers. . .

This change would require 4 parameters: minimum size, maximum size, scale of minimum size, scale of maximum size.

Then within these scale parameters the size of the symbol would adjust linearly between the end points of the size range.

At the minimum scale and below the symbol would be at its largest size setting. At the maximum scale range and above the symbol would be at its smallest size setting.

This functionality would make a map more user friendly when the background is changing with the scale, while making it more efficient than managing multiple layers based on scale ranges, or getting crazy sizes because of the setting of a reference scale. . .
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Thank you for promoting my idea. I found your idea from your comment on mine and returned the favor. Lets hope ESRI will pick up and run with this idea in a future release.