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Support Mixed Case Snowflake Tables

05-12-2022 04:59 PM
Status: Open
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Please support mixed case Snowflake tables.  After investigating with support, we found that ArcGIS Pro will not open Snowflake views whose underlying tables have a mixed case naming scheme - it will only open underlying tables with an ALL_CAPS naming scheme.  Our entire Snowflake environment was built in mixed case, so until Pro can support mixed case we have to use other clients for analysis.

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We do support table naming in mixed case unless the tables were created with delimited names, like "Type", people sometimes do this to protect reserved words for example.  Is this your situation?  Delimited names are not supported, however Data Inteoperability extension can read tables with delimited names.


Thanks Bruce.  No this isn't our situation.  I worked with both Esri & Snowflake support to determine this shortcoming and the Esri support analyst was able to replicate it, which is who recommended I submit this idea for a future enhancement.  And yes, we have a workaround with FME, but the point of my Idea was to have Pro support this naming convention natively without more workarounds or purchasing additional software.  This functionality was promoted heavily at the 2022 Dev Summit, yet this is a major flaw, IMO.  Sorry, I'm just venting a bit as every other Desktop client we have that can read our Snowflake environment doesn't have this issue - just Pro.  Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.


Has there been any movement on this idea?