State the name of item being deleted in Dialogue.

09-22-2017 11:34 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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State the name of item being deleted from Catalog Pane (ArcGIS Pro).

With many feature classes and or tables in the Catalog Pane, the content regularly shifts out of focus when e.g. deleting. Therefore just showing "Delete this item?" is confusing. State the name(s) of items selected for deletion in the dialogue(underneath) and avoid any confusion.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

ArcGIS Pro 2.6.8

When deleting an item from the Catalog pane, we get a confirmation dialog:

"Delete: Are you sure you want to permanently delete this item?"


Could the name of the item be included in that dialog? Either in the dialog title or in the message?

That would make it crystal clear what item we're about to delete.


Peace of mind that I'm deleting the correct item. Occasionally, I've noticed that the Catalog pane has been buggy in past versions of ArcMap and Pro. Sometimes, I'd right-click on an item, but there would be a glitch: the right-click options that pop up would actually pertain to a different item (i.e. the item above or below). So I sometimes wonder if I'm about to accidently delete the wrong item. While I haven't observed that yet in modern versions of Pro, you can never be too careful. Accidently deleting the wrong item is the worst!

Could the name of the item we're about to delete be included in the Delete dialog?


Status changed to: Under Consideration

Windows Explorer also does it this way, which is a good indicator.


Hello @Bud,

We have merged your idea and its kudos into this older idea that has the same suggestion.  Please add your kudo to this idea.

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