Stack Profile tool improvement

12-14-2017 11:27 AM
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Improvement of the Stack Profile tool, and related documentation, as follows:

- clarify in the documentation that this tool currently requires the section line to start within the bounds of one of the datasets to work correctly

- add links from the 3D Analyst profile tool and LAS dataset profile tool documentation so that people know the Stack Profile tool is an option for generating profiles

- enable the tool to generate a profile of the data without requiring the section line to start within the bounds of one of the datasets

- allow the tool to add point data (similar to the LAS dataset profile tool, but all point data, not just LAS datasets) to the profiles, based on a buffer distance from the line


A somewhat related post is linked below, but is not specific to the Stack Profile tool:


To add to the request for improvement: allow this tool to section Terrains at the highest resolution. Please see the thread below for details: 

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I agree with updating the documentation. I would add also that if your line is outside of the dataset your interpolating from then the tool stops at one edge and starts at the other edge. 

In regards to point data I feel the problem is that Stack profile doesn't discretize the line on a regular interval. It would be great to discretize on an interval specified by the user, so the profiles will start at the start continue with points on the interval specified and then ends at the end point of the line. 


The reason for both of the above is because I can't replicate the what I did the previous time. open to discussing with anyone who will listen.