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Speed up catalog operations, as benchmarked by ArcCatalog

02-10-2023 09:23 AM
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ArcCatalog remains the quickest way to view and manage GIS data by many miles. Simple operations like renaming, copying, and moving take ages to process in Pro. See below and pardon the alarmingly disorganized geodatabase. 35 seconds to rename a feature class in Pro (during which the application is locked up); in ArcCatalog, the operation was so instant that it finished before I could reset the stopwatch. A process taking well over 30x longer in an application that boasts performance improvements over the "old" ArcCatalog is really inadequate.

Have I tried resetting my Pro application settings and doing a full reinstall -- yes. Yes, I have.

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This post grabbed my attention.  I pretty much use ArcPro for everything now except for some ArcGIS Server management where ArcCatalog is so much more succinct for stopping/starting/editing services.  

When I first starting using ArcPro I was disappointed on the overall speed of navigating through the menus, windows, dialogs, etc.  I ended up getting a better-configured PC, memory including dedicated graphics card.  That helped immensely but still not quite as good as ArcMap/ArcCat.  

Just this week for some reason I had to check/run something in ArcCat & ArcMap and I was quickly reminded how much snappier they are to run compared to ArcPro.  Like bam! It's done as the click of the mouse happens. 

I'm also reminded of the sluggish ArcPro speed (both the GUI and the i/o operations) when I run QGIS which screams past ArcPro for performance (though perhaps not panning and zooming so much).

Perhaps someday Esri can move to a more efficient GUI system that balances appearance with performance or optimize the implementation of the current GUI. I've seen this happen ages ago with other software, when the developers moved from a highly efficient home-grown GUI to something like QT.  The sluggishness was noticeable for a long time until the developers of that software did some optimizations that helped, still not as good, but their efforts helped.


@BobNutsch1  agree. I thought ArcMap was slow when that was my daily driver, but Pro just does so much excessive spinning/loading/locking up that ArcMap doesn't.


@wayfaringrob If you have a moment, can you run the Rename tool from the Geoprocessing Pane and check performance?  


@JonathanNeal  here's that - searching for the tool took quite some time to load and while the tool itself ran in less time than simply renaming from catalog, the whole process of getting there did not.


I'm on a brand new Precision now with a fresh install of Pro, an SSD, double the ram, and a much newer Xeon -- the lag is less than what I was seeing before, but there is still quite a wait time compared to ArcCatalog which works instantly, even on my now retired 5-year old machine.


100% agree that this needs to be fixed!

We're currently migrating users to Pro from ArcMap/ArcCatalog but we're getting a lot of push back when this sort of simple operation is so obviously worse in Pro.


This is an absolute necessity before ArcMap is retired. Basic catalog functions like renaming or deleting a feature class in ArcGIS Pro (a.k.a. ArcGIS Slow) are often 50-100 times slower than the same functions in ArcMap / ArcCatalog.


Esto sigue demostrando que por mucha arquitectura de 64 que tenga el Pro es con mucho en temas de catalogo y en bastantes cosas más mucho peor que el ArcMap, sigo sin entender porque no hay un Catalogo por fuera ya que si fuese lógico por ser arquitectura 64 y no consumir tarjeta de video porque lo abres debería ser más rápido que el Catalogo del ArcMap.

Además que ahora trabajar con los servicios desde el Catalogo del Pro en Enterprise es una basura con mucho en comparación con el ArcMap que te permitía trabajar sin salir del ArcMap con gran parte de los servicios y ahora tienes que ir siempre al server para cosas que no tiene mucho sentido.