Sky in ArcGIS Pro

06-08-2016 12:39 AM
Status: Open
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To make te 3D complete in ArcGIS Pro, I would like to see some clouds. Now it's impossible to turn on the sky.


Could you elaborate on that, please? For example, how realistic do you want the clouds to be?


Hi Pavel,

From my perspective, I just want to be able to chose from a few static cloud backgrouds,   high cirrus, puffy cumulous, and maybe a couple lower sun angles, not sunsets, but to give some depth to the horizon.


I see - just for depth reference then, as a background. There are atmospheric lighting effects (Illumination/Show atmospheric effects checkbox in scene properties), do they help for the depth perception and horizon?


The atmospheric effect only works for global scene, and it's just a haze, and not adjustable.  I am looking for a solution mainly for local scenes.  Adjustable haze in the local scene would be step in the right direction, but what I'd prefer is a mixed cloud/sky effect above the horizon.