Setting Pro organizational settings through Pro.settingsConfig

02-07-2023 06:48 AM
Status: Open
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Having the ability to set your Portal, and Named User for all users is something that would be great in Pro.settingsConfig.  We deploy through Citrix VDI, and you can't set these items through HKLM in the registry, and people forget how to sign in and get their licensing.  If we could make it where they just get past selecting Named User, Enterprise and the URL entry we would be helping our users greatly.  I was hopeful that sign in through browser would catch on but it really has not helped our organization.  

Using Pro.settingsConfig would allow us to manage a single file and call on it from all virtual machines.  This would allow us to switch users over to a testing environment quicker, or add additional portal URLs to their list.  I know some of these items can be set through performing a silent install, but we prefer configuration that you can manage after the install.  Not all settings can be specified through the install variables.

This was posted at recommendation of requesting through a support case and our ESRI TAM.



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Great idea, we run into this problem all the time.