Semivariogram/Covariance Cloud and Cross Covariance Cloud calculation tools

02-06-2019 06:26 AM
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I have noted that the Semivariogram/Covariance Cloud and Cross Covariance Cloud calculation tools, included in the Geostatistical Wizard of ArcMap 10.x, is not present in ArcGIS Pro. These tools are very useful to approach the calculation of experimental variograms and to identify potential outliers.  Please, find attached screenshots of the semivariogram_covariance  and cross-covariance cloud windows.

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Do you know if these ever reappeared in ArcGIS Pro?  I have spent the last several hours trying to create a  Semivariogram/Covariance Cloud chart in ArcGIS Pro, but can't find out how to do it.  The closest I come to is the Semivariogram Sensitivity tool, but that doesn't create a chart.