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01-27-2020 12:39 PM
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Can a search box for the ArcGIS Pro "Options" screen be added, similar to the search box in "Environments"?

It would help me find the appropriate option as opposed to trying to determine if it was under "General" vs "Layout", etc. 


I see that I already added this as an idea but only got 3 Kudos. 


@GabrielMarcus1 and others who are following, in ArcGIS Pro 2.9 the Command Search box will support searching for Options.  This should allow you to get to a tab in the Options dialog directly from the UI instead of clicking the Project tab > Options tab to get a search.  Do you have examples of search terms you would use when you're trying to find options?


Add a search function to the Project Options in ArcGIS Pro. If you know the specific option you are looking for you may not know what section it is in and you have to hunt around through all the options to find what you are looking for. It would be much easier to search for a specific option.


Better yet, put the cursor there by default:




With the Options dialog containing 30+ sub-screens a dynamic search box to quickly navigate to a specific item would be helpful. A similar search box already exists in the main Pro window for commands so mashing them up gives us:




Add a search box to the Pro Options window to make it faster to find for a setting.

Current process of " 'Maybe I can change this' > click & scroll & maybe click again to open a sub category > try again incase you missed it"  to find a setting that you hoped Esri had added is not efficient. 

Bonus points to use a lookup library of settings with their American and English equivalents.

Here are all the current categories in which a setting may be. 

Current Settings
Map and Scene
Device Location
Catalog Browsing
Share and Download
Raster and Imagery
Full Motion Video
Text and Graphics
Color Management
Location Referencing
Geodatabase Replication
Knowledge Graph
Business Analyst
User Interface
3D Input Device
Customize the Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar


@KoryKramer  Using the generic command search is not ideal - it is noisy enough already. When wanting to change a setting I want to go to settings and change them - getting UI flips between map window & options windows can be laggy and confuse users. 

A settings search can be highly optimised outside of the command search.

Settings I use often'ish = Default Font but always forget to scroll all the way down to Text.... The list being sorted alphabetically using the traditional Sumarian river dialect translation of the topic names doesn't help either.
Open a blank project  and search for Font. Is your comment of it working in 2.9 not true for 3.2.2?  All the results are greyed out so doesn't seem like it works currently.

Don't benchmark Command Search with Windows 11 Search. Next thing you'll want insert ads for discounted AGOL credits if we click right now.........

I digress.




Please add a search bar to Options to make it easier to find a setting. The list of settings to configure continues to grow which is a good thing but it is getting harder to find things. Adding a search box similar to what most web browsers do for their settings would make it much easier to find things.

Maybe have the search box directly under Options in the upper left corner and have it filter the items under Project and Application. Then when you click on an item, the settings of the item show with search results highlighted and expanded if needed.




This morning I wanted to turn off update notifications in my main pc on 3.2.2 and gave up looking for the setting after a minute. 

Getting a notification every time I open the app is wasteful. Not finding a setting is irritating when you know you've seen it before.

Guess what I found at lunch when diving into it again - the setting is not under Settings but About.  

It's been hectic the past few weeks and I felt a bit silly when I saw it.  I was looking for the 3.3 release notes at the time.