ScreenTips in ArcGIS Pro

04-05-2017 05:38 PM
Status: Open
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ScreenTips are a great idea for novice software users but an unwanted distraction for someone who has become familiar with the ArcGIS Pro user interface layout. Please add an option in the settings to disable ScreenTips.


I would also love to see this option.  The tips are especially bothersome when editing features in a map.


Hi @ChrisMatus since you mentioned screentips being bothersome when editing, I just want to clarify that you are voting to disable these; i.e. screentips on the ribbon:


vs. these; i.e. snap tips when editing (see


vs. dynamic constraints



Again, just want to make sure you're looking to disable screentips for commands on the ribbon and not the others than I mentioned (which can already be controlled).



@KoryKramerthanks for this info!  I didn't realize I was able to turn off snap tips in Pro.  I've searched several times for this and only found it after your comment about the Snapping Settings.  This doesn't seem to turn off the tips when georeferncing an image (like a site plan) though.  Anyway that can be disabled?

Being able to disable screen tips for commands, whether in the ribbon or pane, would also be great.  Having more control over these sorts of things would be great for us that have been doing this for 20+ years.


This is from 2.8.2 with snap tips turned off:


And with snap tips turned on:


Are you suggesting that you would want the "From point (source)" to be turned off?  If so, that would probably be better as a distinct idea with the Imagery & Raster label.


Yes, that is my suggestion.  For me, the From point (source) and To point (target) tips make it difficult to see the points you are choosing.  I don't use the georeference often and can work around it.  It's more of annoyance than anything else.