Save open panes in ArcGIS Pro at the project level, not the user.

08-13-2018 02:10 PM
Status: Open
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Right now whatever panes you have open when you close ArcGIS Pro will open up again the next time you open Pro, regardless of the project you choose to open. 

I have different projects for editing and map production. I don't need the "Element" and "Label Class" panes very often while editing, and likewise I don't need "Create Features" and "Geoprocessing" when I'm making a layout. 

I'd like to see it change to saving the panes used for each project. That way I can pick up where I left of on each project, rather than having to spend time re-opening all the panes I need.


This idea makes so much sense to me. Typically my different ArcGIS Pro projects have different workflows and thus require different panes to be open to complete those workflows. To this day I am constantly having to open or close panes when switching projects. This would also help with sharing projects because when other users open my project on a different device they would see the project pane layout the way I intended it to look.

So please at least add the option to save the pane layout to a project file.


Currently, ArcGIS Pro remembers where your panes were from your last session. However, it remembers things like attribute tables and their locations on a project-by-project basis. It would be great if there were an option for ArcGIS Pro to remember panes (geoprocessing, symbology, etc) in a similar manner.


Would this idea suggested here be helpful for your workflow?  


@JosphatMutunga  I think some combination of these things, yes. A workspace that's the default for new projects, other customizable workspaces one can switch to, and saving the active workspace along with the project sounds like the desired functionality.


@JosphatMutunga Yes!! Any updates?


As I've used Pro more, I think I actually wish open panes were associated with the open view - the panes shown with the map are often irrelevant to the catalog view, etc. and this becomes cluttered if not confusing, not to mention different views of the same type (such as maps) may serve different purposes. In other words, if I open a map within my project, bring back the panes I had open last time I was in that map. If I switch to another view, like the catalog view, the panes I had open with the catalog view should come up, and if I drag a view out to another screen, the panes, QAT, ribbon, everything should follow there, too. Hierarchically, the tab row should probably be elevated above the panes. The way it works now is just a little finicky.


I've been wishing for this idea for years now! I have projects that are used for specific functions, like printing/exporting maps, editing data, geocoding, etc. The reset panes button does not accomplish what this enhancement would, because it does not have enough options, and is an extra step in what could be automatic.

When I'm working on layouts, I need the Elements pane, the export pane, maybe the symbology pane. When I'm editing addresses I need Locate, Symbology, Create and Modify, but not Elements and Export. For parcel editing I need Manage Records in addition to most the editing panes, but not Symbology.

So there's not always an exact delineation of editing vs mapping, but it is pretty consistent on a project level basis. It would save so much time to have Pro remember these settings at the project level!