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06-21-2010 01:53 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to have the ability to name and save/manage a selected set of features similar to saving Bookmarks.


In the same light, have a button that will allow me to "Reselect Previous".  If I have a challenging selection made and I hit the wrong key, I have to reprocess my selection again.  I would like the ability to reselect the same "last" features on the fly without building a model.

 I like this idea, I've made a similar request and its nice to see another person that can see the use of it.
I have also made missteps after a complex, sequential selection and had to start all over again. I reflexively consider trying to "undo" and then realize that I can't.
Have you looked at saving the selection as a seperate layer.  It will create a layer of only the selected features.  It can be saved and re-added like any layer. 

This is a great idea and I totally agree.
A related but similar idea, I could not find a thread for this:

Preserve the selection on a table regardless of editing state.

Why, pray tell, must a selection be lost when one enters or exits edit mode?  My idea: don't do that!  (It is an "Aarrgghh moment every time it happens.), could this be difficult to do?
Similar to rigaulin's comment, the "Create Layer from Selected Features" is not a stable environment. If the base layer that the features were selected from is edited in any way, even if that edit doesn't involve any of the selected features, the selection goes wonky. You'll end up with selected features that you didn't select. And even worse, there's no error, warning, or anything to give you a heads up that something has changed...!

It's such a great feature -- saves us from creating unnecessary feature classes -- but it's just not reliable.
If doing a large selection and forgetting to hold down the shift key you lose previous selected features, a way to hit undo for the selection would really be handy. Hard to tell how much productivity it might save but I think many of us could admit we are guilty of doing this at one point or another. So in my case I agree with the go back to previous selection button for the map which is a merged idea in this case.
This should have been implemented years ago.