Requirement to allow time slider for date BCE

02-01-2021 12:04 AM
Status: Open
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I am a long time ArcGIS user and currently doing a Phd in Archaeology. As you know many archaeologists are using GIS and as you can imagine time is an issue.

Would it be possible to facilitate the inclusion of BCE/BC dates, many of these would only require  +/-YYYY format. 

The dialog on ArcGIS Pro seems to provide for stepping by centuries, but the calendar widget seem limited.

PS as an old ArcMap User, I'm a convert.


Paul Prevedoros  

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Hi, same idea /problem from me as GIS User and Teacher with Classics / Ancient Rome or Greek topics... 

it would be very, very helpfull to have an easier tool to define historical epoches or just even years in ArcPro. 

Especialy when beginners (students of History) work with historical data!


Wolfgang Moschek