Repair Data Source: show current source

02-16-2022 01:08 PM
Status: Open
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The 'bad' data source location is often an important clue as to where to start looking for where your data might have moved. While it's super convenient to click that little [!] it would be even more convenient if that Repair Data Source box included the url or file path of where it's currently pointing. The current alternative of course is R click>Properties>Source, and go from there. But this would save a step and integrate with a shortcut already present. Here are a few possible locations, I imagine they could be hyperlinks, too:




Maybe have a tool tip come up showing the problematic path if you drag the mouse over the ! icon?


The best solution is to go with Xtools.  That's all ESRI haven't done right.

You can manage datasource easily by group, source etc.  You can only show missing link if you want.

Also, you can make it check automatically link at start up.

Xtools also have many more useful feature.

Look at

Use it in arcmap for decades and now with Pro


@curtvprice   even better if it were hyperlinked so that 'change data source' would just start there (if the path exists, and if not, automatically go up a level until it finds an existing folder). Usually when I reorganize data, it doesn't move too far away.