Rename Layouts and Maps on Tab

08-02-2018 02:04 PM
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I'd like to be able to rename Layouts and Maps in ArcGIS PRO by right-clicking on the tab on top rather than being forced to do it in the Catalog View or Catalog Pane.


I'd like any renaming whether in the tab (theoretically), or in Catalog View or the Catalog pane to dynamically update the name of the tab or the name of the layout or map in Catalog View or the Catalog Pane (vice-versa assuming my idea is adopted). Right now when I rename a Layout in Catalog while the tab is open the tab does not rename until I close it and re-open it.  


This idea is valid and marked as Reviewed.  But since you talk about your workflow involving using the Catalog View/Pane, I wanted to share what I feel is a quicker way to rename maps and layouts:



This is exactly what I want but when I rename in the TOC my tab on top does not automatically and dynamically update as yours does.

My idea still stands in that I find it intuitive to right-click the tab on top and rename even though this achieves the same result. (Nothing wrong with a few ways to accomplish the same task).

I’ll have to start another ticket with Tech support to figure out why when I rename in the TOC my tab doesn’t update. Its not a priority but what you show in you linked video is what I’d like to happen if I rename my map in the TOC. I have to rename in Catalog for my tab name to change. If I rename in the TOC and then close the tab and then reopen it, the name on the tab that opens will be correct. (Probably because the name in catalog is updated). At any rate there is a disconnect somewhere in my system – but I’ve got more pressing tech support issues revolving around performance that I need to addressed before this one.




Maybe there is a version difference between your Pro and Kory's Pro?



Sorry if this is a digression, and please point me in the right direction if there is another thread about this, but I've renamed my map windows in Catalog whilst the window and its related layout were open, and now I'm struggling to workout what is causing a problem in my APRX.

I notice that you renamed the Map whilst it was open, and with what looks like a layout next to it. Are these related?  My aprx is just hanging, it opens, but the blue circle keeps spinning and nothing is active.

The only "weird" thing that I did, was change the name of one of the map windows and its layout, which were both open.

A little while later, I realised that the scale bar was wrong and the graticule was missing.  I checked to see what they were referencing, and it was Map Window or Map Window 1.  In the TOC, the Map Window and Map Window 1 both drop down and that is where the named map is. Since it's abstracted, I figured that it wouldnt break the relationship.   Have I expected too much and caused a problem...?? Not that I can see a reason why it would prevent the workspace from opening properly.  But I literally can't think of any other reason why it won't open.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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