Remove web map from project's Catalog - change text from 'delete' to 'remove'

03-29-2021 09:55 AM
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If I want to remove a database (db) connection from my project I locate the db in Catalog, right-click on it then choose 'remove'. This makes sense, the db is removed from my project and does not get deleted

If I want to remove a linked web map from my project I locate the web map in Catalog, right-click on it then choose 'delete'.The map is removed from my project and does not get deleted from portal. If I locate the same map in portal right-click on it and select 'delete' it will delete the item.

If i choose delete for a normal project map in Catalog it will be deleted - as expected.

I think the language (including the tool-tip) used when removing a web map from a project's Catalog should be changed from delete to remove.


Delete is the correct word. What the project has is a Pro map that was created by converting the web map to a Pro map. The Pro map is independent of the original portal item.

If your workflow involves using the web map as-is is, I can see how you might think of Delete as if it were just a Remove. However, it is not a requirement to operate this way. You can change symbology, add and remove layers, etc. from the Pro map without having any effect on the web map. That is, a linked map is a normal project map. 

When you delete the Pro map you are deleting the Pro map. It is a Delete operation because once it is deleted and the project is saved you can't get the map back again. Yes, you can start over by importing the web map, then repeating your process of changing symbology, adding and removing layers, etc. But, in the meantime you have lost your changes, and if the web map was modified since you first added it to your project there might be something it had before that you can't get back. 

The Pro map is linked back to the original web map for purposes of providing notifications if the web map is updated, and keeping your local copy up to date if this is what you want to do. You are allowed to choose when to accept any updates so you can save a copy of any customizations you made before replacing your local copy of the web map. See Add a web map or web scene from a portal 

The linked Pro map is not intended to be used as a proxy for managing the portal item. If the Pro map is deleted, it is expected that you are deleting your local copy of the web map and the portal item remains unaffected.


Thanks for the explanation, makes complete sense - I can see why it is Delete now.

I have been thinking of the linked map as the web map in portal not a Pro map.


Status changed to: Closed

Changing this idea's status to Closed, since the behavior is expected and the software is working as designed.