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11-30-2021 01:52 PM
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I've been doing a lot of attribute editing and have found myself very frustrated with the interface as Pro will repeatedly lose my location in the table (horizontal scrolling).

For example, if I run the Calculate field, after it's done running, it will automatically go back to the left-most part of the table. I believe other tasks have similar effect, such as switching between the whole table and just the selected records.


Thank you for submitting this idea @MarianneCardwell 

From the videos that you included, it appears that you are working in a pre-2.9 version.

In 2.9, it looks like the issue with the field widths is corrected.  We'll need to look at the 'jumping' that happens with Calculate Field.  We'll keep this idea updated accordingly.

Thank you


I agree - the attribute table column width behavior should be user-controllable. I also documented the problem here:

Let's hope that the automatic column width resizing behavior has been fixed in ArcPro 2.9 to give the user the ability to turn on or off the behavior.


Thanks @KoryKramer ! I tried upgrading to 2.9 but ran into some weird bug (some polygon shapefiles would not load correctly for some reason - worked fine in 2.8 and ArcMap) so I went back down to 2.8. I'll try upgrading again over the weekend and submit a bug if the polygon shapefile issue shows up again.


@Scott_McGee - I wish I'd found your post when I searched! I was struggling to come up with the right keywords to find similar ideas.


@KoryKramer I just reinstalled 2.9 and the field resizing issue seems to be resolved. However, the scrolling is still an issue.


Thanks for confirming @MarianneCardwell Can you please update the title and idea description to remove the parts about column width (as that has been addressed) and focus on persisting the place in the table?


Status changed to: Closed

The development team has acknowledged this as a bug and entered the following issue to work on: 

Please visit the support link above and use the Subscribe button to get set up for notifications as well as the increment the count of affected customers on that bug record.

Thank you


Thanks @KoryKramer !