Refreshing a view

09-19-2012 10:20 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
This is more of a question than anything...although if it could be fixed, it would reduce timewasting and frustration:
Why is it that if I want to edit a graphic (text for example), the whole map needs to redraw? Often the graphic has nothing to do with the map content. I'm not changing anything on the map or the data therein, yet ArcMap HAS to redraw everything. And unless I've locked or paused the labelling, all the labels have to be redrawn - which can take a considerable amount of time when there's a bunch of layers with labels above lines, etc.

Surely the graphic elements can be treated a separate to the geodatabase layers, etc.? If nothing else, bar that graphic has changed, why treat the whole "thing" as being changed?
There is a similar effect happening when editing annotation. Once I've edited a particular anno, all the rest of the annotation and labels have to be redrawn before I can go on to another piece of annotation (unless the pause or lock has been insitituted), otherwise the entire map has to redraw. I don't really have time to sit and wait for this every time!!