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Rearrange "Calculate Geometry" window to be more intuitive with Planar calculations

09-05-2023 06:03 PM
Status: Open
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When using the Calculate Geometry* GP tool, under the Property field you have a choice of "Area" and "Area (geodesic)", but only when a projected coordinate system is used by the map or selected from the Coordinate System drop down. In cases where the map is in an unprojected coordinate system, the "Area" (planar) option doesn't appear until after a projected coordinate system is selected from the drop down below the Geometry Attributes section. 

IDEA: Put the "Coordinate System" section above the "Geometry Attributes" section so that the "Property" list is appropriately attributed (with both Planar and Geodesic options) in relation to the intended CS. At present, the ordering of fields doesn't follow the logical pattern of working your way down the screen, but from the top, to the bottom then back to the middle to get Planar options. 









*there may be other tools where this applies too, but this is the main one I know of and use