"End Task" option in ArcGIS Pro Diagnostic Monitor

06-12-2019 12:39 PM
Status: Open
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When certain tasks are hung or taking much longer than anticipated, it would be useful to be able to cancel that task in the diagnostic monitor. 

Ex. I accidentally said yes to generating unique values for 1 million plus records in the symbology pane, and the only way I can stop this action is to end ArcGIS Pro in the Windows task manager. Any unsaved edits or changes to my project will be lost. 


Hi @KellyKoenig Thank you for submitting this idea and thank you for providing an example.  For that one specifically, there is this idea https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-ideas/add-cancel-button-to-generate-unique-values-dialog-wh... which I just marked as Needs Clarification because in Pro 2.7.3 and later I'm seeing a Cancel button for shapefiles, file gdb, and an enterprise gdb case that I tested.  Can you check with the data that you use and let us know if Cancel for generating unique values is working for you?

I understand that this idea about implementing an 'end task' in the Diagnostic Monitor is different - I'm just wondering about the example you provided.



@KoryKramer Thank you for pointing this out! I just updated Pro and tested this out with a hosted feature layer. The "Cancel" option worked perfectly when I selected a field with 500+ unique values. :cool_button:👏🥇 Thank y'all so much for this improvement, esri team!


Great!  Glad that works for you.


Can I ask a similar and /or related question? When the ArcGIS Pro Diagnostic Monitor shows various Status tabs as yellow -"Waiting" , "Task Rate" , "Feedback" - indicating that there is not enough feedback, tasks being submitted faster than they can be processed, or waiting while the "active task" is still executing"....how can I determine what process is waiting for what. what task is not providing information, etc? 

In Task Manager, I see some of my GISPro.exe processes have items in their wait chain indicating the same thing - processes are waiting on one another. They show thread numbers, but I cannot find a way to determine what these individual threads are or how to find them.

I am running a model in Pro that is creating LAS Datasets and times are very inconsistent - some in a few minutes and some in as many as 60 hours. It's apparent the model is working, but I would really like a better idea of exactly what is doing.

Thank you