"Add to Legend" option in context-menu of Table of Contents

03-10-2016 04:23 PM
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Adding a layer to the legend requires more effort than it should, if the legend is set to not automatically add new layers. Instead of having to click through 3 or 4 menus/dialogs, it would be ideal if a layer could be right-clicked in the Table of Contents, and the option "Add to Legend" be presented if a legend is existing in the layout.


When Right-Clicking on a Legend in the TOC there is an option to remove from Legend.  Please Add the Option to "Add Item to Legend".

Dragging items from the TOC up into the Legend TOC is very clunky and since there is already a "Remove from Legend"just include an Add Item To Legend with a drop down list of the layers available in the map. 

Dragging ANYTHING for any reason in the TOC is very slow and not at all smooth. If things dragged smoothly and quickly I'd appreciate the functionality but it's almost unusable as it is with maps that have a lot of layers in them. 


Just to clarify, I would love this to be included and would like to be able to right-click a layer item in the TOC, which then allows me to add the layer to one of the available legends included in the layout.


I am trying to add an item in the legend and cannot figure it out. 


@Ursu_Lacramioara See https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/latest/help/layouts/add-a-legend.htm#ESRI_SECTION1_DD28246537AB464... 

"To add items, select a layer in the Contents pane and drag it to the legend group in the same pane."

What this idea is asking for is to have that capability available from a right-click context menu.  Currently it is done through drag and drop.


@KoryKramerwhy dosen't it always work to drag a item like that? It seems to never work to add layers in legends that dosen't have any legend items.

For example I got a legend linked to 'map frame' and changed the map that frame linked to. As expected all layers in the new map where added but I never wanted all of them so I thought it would be simpler to clean it up and then add the ones I actually wanted. Instead when I try to drag n drop I only get a :prohibited: 'prohibited' symbol. The legend in question is not locked for editing.


@Göran what version of ArcGIS Pro are you using?

I'm assuming by 'clean it up' you mean you are highlighting all the layers in the existing legend in the Contents and removing them.  Instead of doing that, you could just remove the whole legend.  Then highlight just the single layer or layers you want in the cleaned up legend, and when you add the new legend, only those layers will be added.

I see what you see in 2.7.3, but in a development build of 2.9 I don't - I don't have 2.8 handy right now to check, because what you're describing could be resolved there.


@KoryKramer  yes thats what I ment with 'clean out'. I do know I could make a entirely new legend but if I already got one with the settings I want from another layout thats a tedious way around things. I do run 2.7.0 so I hope the problem is already solved with the next update - good to hear!

Thank you.


@Göran 2.8 is available now so hopefully you can try soon.

What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.8—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


To avoid having to drag items from the map frame, it would be great if one could right-click on an item (or multiple selected items) in the appropriate map / map frame in the Drawing Order panel in the Layout context to add layers directly to the legend.


Would the experience we currently have with Table Frames be helpful? Instead, Add Layer might have a pull-right that lists all the layers not in the legend.


 Your idea to also have a context menu on a layer to add it to a legend is different but may be possible.  I understand that dragging can be difficult especially if you have many maps / layers.


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