Provide hyperlinks for complex Data Types in geoprocessing Help

06-30-2019 04:10 AM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

It would be useful to see hyperlinks for complex Data Types in the Help of geoprocessing tools and specifically the Syntax section. When writing a geoprocessing command in ArcPy, I often find myself consulting the tool's Help and especially the Syntax section. While very useful in itself, direct references via hyperlinks to complex data types in the Syntax section could help in further exploring the tool's requirements and how to define them. Now, I often need to do a secondary search for these complex data types to learn about their properties and how to define them. A simple hyperlink to the appropriate page would be of great use in navigating the geoprocessing Help.

E.g. in the above example, the "Spatial Reference" Data Type could link to this Help page:

SpatialReference—ArcPy classes | ArcGIS Desktop 


I now noticed that the ArcPy Classes Help pages, already provide hyperlinks for complex data types. All the more reason to add them to Geoprocessing tool's Syntax sections as well!


A great idea, should also apply to the desktop help (CHM) file too. An easy thing to do to which improves the usability of the help files.