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Provide Ability to Set Text Field Size Using Keyboard Only in Design Fields

03-11-2021 12:30 PM
Status: Open
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When adding fields from the Design Fields view to a feature class, I can set all of the properties without using the mouse except for one.  When I tab over to the field size of a text field, I try space bar or enter, but I don't know how to set the focus on the text field length to type in the value I want.  I'm doing a lot of data modeling right now and having to pick up the mouse each field is slower than typing and tabbing.


@NathanHeickLACSD does F2 work for you?


Yes, I see that under the keyboard shortcuts now.  Personally, I would prefer it you could just start typing and override the contents when you tab to it or if the cursor entered the cell at least.  F2 is faster than the mouse.