Pro: When viewing metadata, do not check "Show Details Panel" automatically

06-23-2018 07:08 AM
Status: Open
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Due to the global (slow) performance issues with Pro <-> SDE, we have to keep "Show Details Panel" checked off, otherwise simply clicking on a SDE feature class in Catalog View turns into a go grow, roast, and grind the coffee beans wait. So when ever I need to look at metadata, I just right-click on the FC and select "View Metadata". 

Imagine my surprise when, after "Viewing Metadata", the next FC I clicked on (where I had no intent or desire to look at metadata) presented a wait opportunity where I could grow a different flavor of coffee bean (to roast, grind, and brew) while I waited for the FC Properties to open. 

Huh? Why is the Details Pane open? That's why it's taking so long!!!

Lookee there, the  "Show Details Panel" is checked. Wait a minute, I never check that. When ever you right-click on a FC and "View Metadata", I guess the developers figured you always want to view metadata, which is the exact opposite of what a user would expect when unchecking that option. I only want to view metadata when I right-click on something and select "View Metadata". That option should not be checked unless I put the mouse in the box and check it, which will never happen. I shouldn't have to uncheck that option every time I choose to right-click on something and look at metadata.


With all that coffee making you would go down a storm in my office!

But on as serious note this is exactly one of those quirky Pro behaviours that simply does not work and needs to be fixed as it makes it almost impossible to do any sort of quick workflow.


Would either of you know if just viewing metadata in Pro then locks it out of being viewed in ArcMap (or at least specific versions of ArcMap - e.g. Pro 2.2.0 is equivalent with 10.6.x so the metadata would no longer be viewable in 10.5.x and older)?  I only ask because my org ran into a metadata issue such as this when migrating from ArcMap 10.2.x to 10.3.x and we had to warn users of 10.3.x not to look at metadata in 10.3.x so most users still at 10.2.x could still access the metadata.